We Do Need Others to Help Us Survive

28 Jun

Imagine this. You wake up one morning and can’t see very well.

You go to the fridge to take out a yoghurt to have for breakfast and find yourself eating butter. You can’t see well enough to recognise food.

What to do? Go to the hospital, to the accident and emergency department and insist that someone do something. But first I needed to find a way to get there. I decided on a taxi – expensive but quick.

The next challenge was to phone for a taxi-the number was in my mobile phone but could I see it? Fortunately one of my flatmates was home and surprisingly eager to help me, not  that I gave him much choice. So off we went to hospital on a Sunday morning.

From the time I walked in almost blind-down to hand movements is the technical term – on April 18th till I left on May 18th I had to learn to accept being dependent on others and accept help, including being tested for everything, having injections in my eyes – it’s really not as bad as it sounds, wearing a swine flu mask and going everywhere in a wheelchair.

And suffering from Charkes Bonnay syndrome where you see things that arent there to compensate for not seeing. Oh and my eyes were bright red. It seems I looked like something from a horror film, dark days indeed.

The nurses were giving me medication and I couldnt see their faces. They cried on the day when I told them I could see them.

I was seen by countless doctors most of whom were curious about my case. I had to trust that they knew what they were doing and the fact that I am writing this shows I have improved from the day I woke up in a clouded world.

But I had to learn to trust in God and in others and it was not easy at all.

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