The Internet and the virus a simple perspective in a small London flat

13 May

The first workable prototype of the Internet came in the late 1960s Originally funded by the U.S. Department of Defense,something called packet switching allowed multiple computers to communicate on a single network.

The Internet was first invented for military purposes, and then expanded to the purpose of communication among scientists. The internet was to make communication possible if a nuclear attack occurred..

Fortunately we are not in such dire circumstances now but we are all being brought to realise a new reality that there is a virus -a very effective one capable of taking us out, although who will be taken out is as yet an unknown as some patients have surprised doctors by recovering just as others have shocked doctors by dying .

The internet has proved to be a godsend. We can stay in touch, Facetime those in isolation ,chat online, look up information even worship online as I attend daily mass .We learnt about Zoom which made us look like an unusual Brady Bunch.Of course the phone has also proved useful. It’s good to talk.

But this new reality has forced us all to stop, take stock, develop new routines, get rid of habits, beliefs ,activities that are no longer relevant.We are forced to confine ourselves, plan ahead,occupy ourselves and use commonsense. Hand washing has always been the accepted practice for keeping germs away. When did we stop? Likewise for\keeping our environment clean . And keeping ourselves educated in science. This has become increasingly important in every part of our existence from the chemicals in make up to the number of satellites being launched of late.

And now what a virus is and how it works.How some animals can carry viruses .And how no drug can be said to be a complete success in fighting this one . I am lucky in some ways.My long term illness has forced me to stay home in the past sometimes for days so I have learnt how to plan ahead, prepare, stock up ( but not to a ridiculous extent) , to keep my distance from others, to follow a routine, to keep my place looking nice and clean,to find things to do on and away from the internet. Music is always a great backstop.So is prayer/meditation.

Another way in which I am very fortunate is the fact that so many have contacted me with offers of help,some who I know well and others who are not so close.I am grateful and once again see that in any emergency there are always the helpers. Sometimes the most unlikely people shine when things turn dire all around and believe me just an offer of help means loads. We are now in a new normal..We see which jobs really matter for the functioning of a society .The lowly have been exalted .

We know what we have to each play our part Keep ourselves healthy, get plenty of rest as the doctors recommend, and most importantly stay home

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