So I’m uncool.

10 Mar

1527007_10202870060539963_1791412173_nAnother day spent staying home, out of necessity for reasons both health-related and financial.

The sun , the ever threatening sun was shining this morning. For most a source of joyand for me too so long as I do not have to go out in it. The old risk of inflammation has made its presence felt of lateso I must be careful. add to that the fact that I am not rolling in money. A facebook comment written yesterday is only too true.-Living in London does not mean you have a pocketful of money.I have learnt to enjoy staying home . There is a freedom that comes from finding things to do at home.

And there is quite a lot to do. Liking your own company seems to put a balance in your life, gives a kind of confidence.

I happily join the ranks of the uncool . As the man says in “Almost Famous”, ” I’m always home . I’m uncool.”

But his music insights were spot on. I too find I can judge situations better from a distance.

Yes, I am always on Facebook, maybe too much in your face but I find great interest in posting what interests me and

hearing fromĀ  thousands. I also grace twitter and keep informed. My golden rule probably very uncool in this age of

showing how clever you are is to treat others as I would like to be treated.

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