International Women’s Day- a south London viewpoint.

08 Mar

Woke up to hear visually impaired skier , Jade had gone whizzing down a mountain in Socchi with a guide to win silver.

Rather inspirational ,I thought as I tested each eye to check vision had not worsened and started on the many sets of

eyedrops  I take daily. Good for her. Nowadays, women are able to do whatever they want. Study, work, marry, live with

someone or live alone. At least here where I am that is the case.

I must admit that I am well aware that women are not as free as they would like to be even here in the modern UK.

Lack of money, lack of education, lack of self-confidence, lack of hope may all combine to keep women down.

But some of us have come through, some of us have found our voice ,demanded respect and work to improve our lives and

the lives of others. It has come at a cost but the gains are worth it.


Friday thoughts of Socchi.

07 Mar

World leaders flying to and fro and being photographed trying to look tough, wise and statesmanlike.

At least those I’ve seen in photographs. I do not own a television and do not want to.

What is the truth about the situation in the Crimea? It depends who you talk to.

The very word brings back 3rd form history and the Crimean War. It shot Florence Nightingale to fame,

the lady of the lamp whose organisational skills transformed the nursing profession.

After that Florence confined herself to her home, possibly seeing the Crimea as the pinnacle of her career.

Fortunately, events in the Crimea have not stopped the Paralympics from going ahead in Socchi,

giving athletes the chance to defy our  beliefs of what is possible. All the best to the Paralympians.

We need you to lift us and help us realise our better selves.


Just write. You’re interesting.

06 Mar

I want to write here every day. The trouble is what to write. What I did today ? What I ate today ?

It probably doesn’t really matter. the important thing is get thoughts down on paper- the web actually,

not a cluttered space full of papers.

Sitting here in a lamp lit room, with my beloved radio on, I stare at the fake red roses

in the fake Grecian style vase in front of me and away I go.

I had a good day. I woke up feeling energised . I made headway on work pending.

I had an interesting discussion on sources of energy with the meter reader.

The effects of blossom. I feel a bit stronger1623711_10202844732226771_951899886_n.

Long may it last.


Blossom,welcome blossom.

05 Mar

It’s cold tonight, probably going to get frosty. My feet are cold and yet I don’t have that mid-winter chilly feel.

No, rather it’s a cold night with the promise of another spring day. Trees are turning green and  blossom is out on the trees

around  here in south London and what a welcome sight it is. Even more joyful is the sight of bees buzzing around each

flower. We need our bees. We need to see nature renewing itself. And we certainly are here. The fact that such a sunny day

is something I need to avoid ,to protect my eyes,  is quite another matter. I have the pictures taken by me when I ventured

out to get more medication.




Pancake day. What to give up for lent.

04 Mar

Still undecided as to what to give up for lent. Apparently a neighbour in the early 60s gave up the radio for lent

and found it very difficult according to my mother.

Meanwhile I had a creative pancake day. No flipping. No flopping.1800489_10202834032959296_621120057_n


Pharrell Williams’ “Happy ” is good medicine.

03 Mar

I woke up late this morning. To be precise, I woke up early and late several times as I was listening to news

of the academy awards and post party interviews on the radio and falling asleep from time to time.

The academy awards always attract me, offering the best of the motion picture best for that particular year,

notwithstanding films and performances that are overlooked. Some gem is always overlooked.

In the best song category ” Happy ” was nominated but didn’t win. It is a great song making us feel good, making us want

to get moving and in a world where each day brings enough sadness and negatives , a song that uplifts us can only be a good thing.


Academy Awards -where’s my Oscar ?

02 Mar

Sitting here on a windy morning, my thoughts are on tonight’s Oscars. Who will win best film , best actor, best of the best ?

For a while we are encouraged to care about films we haven’t even seen. My own personal favourite is Dallas Buyers’ Club.

It’s the only one I’ve seen and the only one whose story appealed to me. Ron , Rayon ,the doctors all had something to say.

The fact that it was a film that struggled to be made makes it even more likeable, a kind if proof that everything good

happens at the right moment.

The thought that everything happens at the appointed time is certainly not new but it is one that I am learning to accept as

a guide for my own life which is moving through the land of don’t know. Maybe I will never have a clear vision in more

ways than one but I must keep moving forward.

And act as if I am strong and in control. I have been able to do that for a very long time .

An Oscar worthy performance.


It’s been a while (longtime)

01 Mar

So, my desire to write a bit came back today. Since my last blog ,I have studied computers in more detail with certificates to prove it. Luckily I grabbed the chance when I had it as the course has lost its funding and the facility has closed. Grabbing chances has become my motto in recent months.

When the weather is fine, I try to get out and about, taking photos of sights and scenes .If an event is on, I try to get a glimpse of the action. The reason for this is my health condition varies so much with constant new situations to face, to such an extent that a relapse in my eyes in the last 2 weeks came as a kind of relief- I knew what treatment to expect, steroid injection in the eye included. Of course, there is ongoing worry but thankfully there is treatment available and a caring health professional team.

On the first day of March, I am sitting and thinking of new beginnings. A new beginning with a clean bill of health would be great but not likely anytime soon. A new beginning in what I do with my life has been prescribed and greatly occupies my thoughts. I am a great believer that something will turn up. So in the meantime I will keep practising getting my thoughts into a short blog.


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Learning to spend time alone -me and my radio.

03 Oct

Having grown up as the eldest of 8 children, 5 of whom are boys and being of a temperamental character when young, I am well used to being among a noisy group of people. Then while working as a teacher , noise at a school did not particularly bother me. Therefore moving to Corfu with its generally loud tone of conversation seemed a natural part of life .In fact , it was a kind of unwritten law that the loudest voice always won in any discussion.

While driving ,I relied on music on the radio if I was not driving someone to a lesson , shop or hospital.As a result, I knew all the latest songs in Greek as well as foreign songs.

On losing my sight, I became more used to being alone in silence .However, the truth is that there is rarely true silence. When I couldn’t see anything except a white cloud , my hearing became like that of a wolf .I could hear conversations clearly from the other end of the world or so it seemed-somewhere I couldn’t see.

For some reason best known to themselves, a flock of birds used to sleep in the trees around the hospital and their singing kept me company as the sun went down and things went quiet.

Sitting here, I have the sound of the wind through the trees.  It has a calming effect.

But the wind can blow. The birds can sing.  In truth, it is the radio that I love most.It entertains, informs and calms , a simple piece of technology that offers far more variety than tv


A year of living dangerously

02 Oct

Africa needs you.

Life spent exploring the medical field continues at a cracking pace as I learnt at my last appointment that the back of my good eye is still swollen.This explained the renewed need to use a magnifying glass and the sense of  rising frustration accompanied by the words-oh no .it’s coming back, !!

Anyway the consultant was having none of it.She said I had to have another injection in my face. This time it hurt less but she ordered me to rest more as facebook chatters have been told.

More anti inflammatory infusions have also been ordered so whole afternoons will be whiled away at the hospital.Doctors are certainly doing their  darndest for me.

In the meantime,. I have been honing my football pundit skills and my jam making skills.As a result I daily acquire more facebok friends and have a shelf of jars of jam.What has come as a surprise is the number of people who regard my writings as inspirational.Today I received the accolade of Africa needs you and find the responsibility of such words far more daunting than the up coming eye treatment.



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