Mrs Rohan… Don’t Make Any Big Decisions While Taking Steroids

01 Jul

There I was still an inpatient recovering some vision with the help of steroids.

My condition was officially called acuteƂ  uvitis, which meant I needed to avoid the sunlight ( and to some extent I still do ). The prognosis was good which meant I should recover. The therapy was high doses of steroids which would gracually be decreased.

Side effects – depression ( I was advised to eat chocolate to overcome that ), weight gain ( I am 20 kilos heavier than when I first started the treatment ) and various other nasties that I won’t mention at this stage but my recovery generally involved staying home and avoiding other people.

For a person who likes crowds and lots of company – one of the reasons teaching appeals, I had many lonely hours. I listened to the radio, prayed, cooked, slept and developed my Facebook network.

To pass the time I clicked like on pages that interest me and wrote to various famous people – The Queen, Britney Spears, Mr Bean, Didier Drogba. Unknowns to me, my every word was being read by facebook users who invited me to be a friend. Out of curiosity I accepted and now have friends in 48 countries at last count.

So long lonely hours were filled.

During the second week of my 5 week stay a consultant warned me not to make any life changing decisions while on steroids. The truth is that since hearing that advice I have been forced to make a nunber of decisions regarding marital status, housing, finances, disability – any one of which might be regarded as major.

But somehow I have managed and once again it is due to the help I received from friends, family, neighbours and complete strangers. Each played their role in assisting me. To be honest I am amazed how eager people are to help. Ask and you shall receive!!

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