Learning to spend time alone -me and my radio.

03 Oct

Having grown up as the eldest of 8 children, 5 of whom are boys and being of a temperamental character when young, I am well used to being among a noisy group of people. Then while working as a teacher , noise at a school did not particularly bother me. Therefore moving to Corfu with its generally loud tone of conversation seemed a natural part of life .In fact , it was a kind of unwritten law that the loudest voice always won in any discussion.

While driving ,I relied on music on the radio if I was not driving someone to a lesson , shop or hospital.As a result, I knew all the latest songs in Greek as well as foreign songs.

On losing my sight, I became more used to being alone in silence .However, the truth is that there is rarely true silence. When I couldn’t see anything except a white cloud , my hearing became like that of a wolf .I could hear conversations clearly from the other end of the world or so it seemed-somewhere I couldn’t see.

For some reason best known to themselves, a flock of birds used to sleep in the trees around the hospital and their singing kept me company as the sun went down and things went quiet.

Sitting here, I have the sound of the wind through the trees.  It has a calming effect.

But the wind can blow. The birds can sing.  In truth, it is the radio that I love most.It entertains, informs and calms , a simple piece of technology that offers far more variety than tv

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