Learning to Recognise What Really Matters

29 Jun

Sitting here in my pyjamas I find myself driven to write something.

Why am I doing these blogs? Who am I writing for? As a teacher of English I prepared many, many students for a range of exams. One of the points I emphasise was consider your audience when writing. I must come to the conclusion that for this blog you are my audience kindly allowing me to examine and make sense of all that has happened in the past year.

In a single day to have everything taken away seems more exaggerated than the tv soap operas, to become blind, homeless, jobless, penniless and husbandless all at once was a lot to deal with and yet it taught me  to recognise what really matters. The first thing is my reaction had a lot of influence on others. I was determined to get through it, to remain positive despite the occasional meltdown – always with an audience of medical staff who heard a lot of words that might have taken the paint off the walls that I couldn’t see.

To develop the mental strength I had to learn to pray and meditate, something I had not given much time to in my busy working life.

The other thing that matters is the people around me – family, friends, medical staff – each of whom offered in their own way. From bringing me treats to stave off depression to phoning me – even my dentist phoned me. To sitting with me .

And now sitting at my brother’s computer trying to finish in the time limit he has given me, I’m thinking that people who care about me are the most important part of my life.

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