It’s been a while (longtime)

01 Mar

So, my desire to write a bit came back today. Since my last blog ,I have studied computers in more detail with certificates to prove it. Luckily I grabbed the chance when I had it as the course has lost its funding and the facility has closed. Grabbing chances has become my motto in recent months.

When the weather is fine, I try to get out and about, taking photos of sights and scenes .If an event is on, I try to get a glimpse of the action. The reason for this is my health condition varies so much with constant new situations to face, to such an extent that a relapse in my eyes in the last 2 weeks came as a kind of relief- I knew what treatment to expect, steroid injection in the eye included. Of course, there is ongoing worry but thankfully there is treatment available and a caring health professional team.

On the first day of March, I am sitting and thinking of new beginnings. A new beginning with a clean bill of health would be great but not likely anytime soon. A new beginning in what I do with my life has been prescribed and greatly occupies my thoughts. I am a great believer that something will turn up. So in the meantime I will keep practising getting my thoughts into a short blog.


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