International Women’s Day- a south London viewpoint.

08 Mar

Woke up to hear visually impaired skier , Jade had gone whizzing down a mountain in Socchi with a guide to win silver.

Rather inspirational ,I thought as I tested each eye to check vision had not worsened and started on the many sets of

eyedrops  I take daily. Good for her. Nowadays, women are able to do whatever they want. Study, work, marry, live with

someone or live alone. At least here where I am that is the case.

I must admit that I am well aware that women are not as free as they would like to be even here in the modern UK.

Lack of money, lack of education, lack of self-confidence, lack of hope may all combine to keep women down.

But some of us have come through, some of us have found our voice ,demanded respect and work to improve our lives and

the lives of others. It has come at a cost but the gains are worth it.

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