Getting used to living dangerously

16 Sep

I am now onto my third football season since everything fell apart in my life..

A lot is being rearranged as we speak-housing, marital status and the like  all from my own efforts and I am getting used to the rollercoaster ride of medication being increased or decreased with resultant mood swings,increase in size or feeling ill. Facing an uncertain future is a phrase I have said and heard a lot lately and it does sound frightening.  But it shouldn’t really .We all face an uncertain future. We all want security and look for it in any way we can=card reading ,astrology, fortune telling  all work on this need to know.

I do believe we are living in a time of great change, of rejection of what is not working and so we will feel uncertainty. what to do??

 Just like my football team-plan a strategy and keep trying but be flexible to make changes if necessary


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