Friday thoughts of Socchi.

07 Mar

World leaders flying to and fro and being photographed trying to look tough, wise and statesmanlike.

At least those I’ve seen in photographs. I do not own a television and do not want to.

What is the truth about the situation in the Crimea? It depends who you talk to.

The very word brings back 3rd form history and the Crimean War. It shot Florence Nightingale to fame,

the lady of the lamp whose organisational skills transformed the nursing profession.

After that Florence confined herself to her home, possibly seeing the Crimea as the pinnacle of her career.

Fortunately, events in the Crimea have not stopped the Paralympics from going ahead in Socchi,

giving athletes the chance to defy ourĀ  beliefs of what is possible. All the best to the Paralympians.

We need you to lift us and help us realise our better selves.

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