Every Day has its Own Challenges

27 Jun

Since I discovered I had malignant malonoma, I had to make decisions and hope they were the right ones. It started in 2008 and so far everything is all right.

In fact on one memorable night I saw Michael Jackson sitting on my bed holding my hand and telling me everything’s gonna be all right. I was taking cocaine based medication at the time and of course it might have been a dream but so far things have always had a way of working them selves out.

So far no sign of melonoma recurrence. I may be living on borrowed time but I enjoy my life and really make it my goal to make people smile and even laugh if I can.

That’s the plan. Being positive is a frame of mind and I actually learned off by heart the words of an American athlete whose name I don’t recall. During very difficult days, I chanced to hear her say when I compete I concentrate on the things I can control and ignore the rest.

In other words when facing a challenge in your life ( and there will be be many ) keep your balance by controlling what is within your control and not allowing other influences to distract you. When typing this I have been in control of the words I’ve used and the thoughts I have shared.

The typing errors and layout I have left to brother number 5 to sort out.

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