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Have a great day. Don’t forget to smile.

25 Feb

Smile. It does make you look better. But more importantly ,it makes you feel better.

Now. I’m not one to quote medical evidence.I leave that to the research crowd who just love all

that data. No, I speak ( type) with the evidence of my own years on planet earth.

The number of people who react positively to a smile is huge.

A smile will make a cross face relax, a suspicious look will disappear.

A smile tells a person that they matter, that they are respected and not under threat.

But let me be quite clear. Smiling is not a sign of weakness.No Siree.

A smile is a powerful weapon that achieves a lot. Have a great day. Don’t forget to smile.




Blossom,welcome blossom.

05 Mar

It’s cold tonight, probably going to get frosty. My feet are cold and yet I don’t have that mid-winter chilly feel.

No, rather it’s a cold night with the promise of another spring day. Trees are turning green and  blossom is out on the trees

around  here in south London and what a welcome sight it is. Even more joyful is the sight of bees buzzing around each

flower. We need our bees. We need to see nature renewing itself. And we certainly are here. The fact that such a sunny day

is something I need to avoid ,to protect my eyes,  is quite another matter. I have the pictures taken by me when I ventured

out to get more medication.




Pharrell Williams’ “Happy ” is good medicine.

03 Mar

I woke up late this morning. To be precise, I woke up early and late several times as I was listening to news

of the academy awards and post party interviews on the radio and falling asleep from time to time.

The academy awards always attract me, offering the best of the motion picture best for that particular year,

notwithstanding films and performances that are overlooked. Some gem is always overlooked.

In the best song category ” Happy ” was nominated but didn’t win. It is a great song making us feel good, making us want

to get moving and in a world where each day brings enough sadness and negatives , a song that uplifts us can only be a good thing.


Academy Awards -where’s my Oscar ?

02 Mar

Sitting here on a windy morning, my thoughts are on tonight’s Oscars. Who will win best film , best actor, best of the best ?

For a while we are encouraged to care about films we haven’t even seen. My own personal favourite is Dallas Buyers’ Club.

It’s the only one I’ve seen and the only one whose story appealed to me. Ron , Rayon ,the doctors all had something to say.

The fact that it was a film that struggled to be made makes it even more likeable, a kind if proof that everything good

happens at the right moment.

The thought that everything happens at the appointed time is certainly not new but it is one that I am learning to accept as

a guide for my own life which is moving through the land of don’t know. Maybe I will never have a clear vision in more

ways than one but I must keep moving forward.

And act as if I am strong and in control. I have been able to do that for a very long time .

An Oscar worthy performance.


Learning to Recognise What Really Matters

29 Jun

Sitting here in my pyjamas I find myself driven to write something.

Why am I doing these blogs? Who am I writing for? As a teacher of English I prepared many, many students for a range of exams. One of the points I emphasise was consider your audience when writing. I must come to the conclusion that for this blog you are my audience kindly allowing me to examine and make sense of all that has happened in the past year.

In a single day to have everything taken away seems more exaggerated than the tv soap operas, to become blind, homeless, jobless, penniless and husbandless all at once was a lot to deal with and yet it taught me  to recognise what really matters. The first thing is my reaction had a lot of influence on others. I was determined to get through it, to remain positive despite the occasional meltdown – always with an audience of medical staff who heard a lot of words that might have taken the paint off the walls that I couldn’t see. Read the rest of this entry »



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