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A year of living dangerously

02 Oct

Africa needs you.

Life spent exploring the medical field continues at a cracking pace as I learnt at my last appointment that the back of my good eye is still swollen.This explained the renewed need to use a magnifying glass and the sense of  rising frustration accompanied by the words-oh no .it’s coming back, !!

Anyway the consultant was having none of it.She said I had to have another injection in my face. This time it hurt less but she ordered me to rest more as facebook chatters have been told.

More anti inflammatory infusions have also been ordered so whole afternoons will be whiled away at the hospital.Doctors are certainly doing their  darndest for me.

In the meantime,. I have been honing my football pundit skills and my jam making skills.As a result I daily acquire more facebok friends and have a shelf of jars of jam.What has come as a surprise is the number of people who regard my writings as inspirational.Today I received the accolade of Africa needs you and find the responsibility of such words far more daunting than the up coming eye treatment.


a year of learning dangerously

22 Sep

Injections in your face are not really so bad,

I continue on a learning curve I never dreamed possible-going up and down on doses of steroids that definitely make me react strangely .Take the other afternoon.There i was waiting on the station platform, well away from the edge ,waiting for my train to be announced, when i looked into the distance and saw what I thought was a man about to jump off a building.

What to do?

I looked left and right and noone was reacting.I peered into the distanceand realised my mistake .It was a street light.Thank God I hadn’t shouted -don’t jump !!

I make mistakes all the time but fortunately not of that magnitude.So what is happening with my sight. The latest is some sort of swelling at  the back of the operated eye is limiting vision. rather than filling me up with more drugs in addition to the cocktail I currently take ,a little injection in my face will do the trick and really it’s not so bad but my face is large and round.

By the way,my divorce case went to court this week ,I got a tax refund and I went to see Tinker ,tailor ,soldier ,spy-a film from the novel by John Le Carre which I have read about 10 times so life remains interesting and the learning continues.


Tell me mur about urself-for Haysmart and all others who are curious to know more

17 Sep

I was born in Australia 54 years ago ,the eldest of 8 children and possibly the loudest, bossiest and strangest. I was a child who loved communicating and adored reading from a very young age.Mum tells me I had a difficult life and perhaps she was right but upbringing plays a huge role in forming our characters but i do not believe it justifies bad behaviour. Certainly I was punished  a lot when young, in particular for looking around in church.I was simply admiring the statues  and the architecture of the best building in the area but this was perceived as a very bad action.Later I learnt to argue and shout and really   must have been difficult to live with.However, this ability stood me in good stead in later years in situations where I had to stand up for myself against unfair accusations and very nasty people.

During my  primary school years I enjoyed academic success and even then I found myself sat next to boys with learning di fficulties or behaviour problems so I guess ny teaching career started back then even though i told everyone i wanted to be a journalist.This was not approved of at home even though the newspaper and the news on the radio were the centre of family life.

We did not have a tv when I was young.Nor did  we have a telephone.My parents did not see the need for them We did not have a lot but we had enough and while i didn’t always like the clothes the neighbours passed on to us ,it did give me  a determination to work and get my own money as soon as possible .

 Sadly this opportunity is not available to teenagers today and iI am glad iI am not trying to start a career nowadays



Getting used to living dangerously

16 Sep

I am now onto my third football season since everything fell apart in my life..

A lot is being rearranged as we speak-housing, marital status and the like  all from my own efforts and I am getting used to the rollercoaster ride of medication being increased or decreased with resultant mood swings,increase in size or feeling ill. Facing an uncertain future is a phrase I have said and heard a lot lately and it does sound frightening.  But it shouldn’t really .We all face an uncertain future. We all want security and look for it in any way we can=card reading ,astrology, fortune telling  all work on this need to know.

I do believe we are living in a time of great change, of rejection of what is not working and so we will feel uncertainty. what to do??

 Just like my football team-plan a strategy and keep trying but be flexible to make changes if necessary



A Year of Learning Dangerously

26 Jun

Brother number 5 has set me up with my very own website and informed me I  must become a writer before nightfall. And he calls me bossy. However, after some thought lasting a few milliseconds (we Geminis think and react quickly) I thought why not what else have I got to do with my current situation of enforced idleness.

So here I am sitting at the laptop in front of a copy of Lepage’s painting “The Potato Gatherers” in the gathering gloom trying to put order to thoughts to tell. Read the rest of this entry »


Merry Christmas

18 Dec

Hey Kath,

I thought it was about time you started your own news desk.
So, here’s your very own website so you can shout ( with perfect spelling and grammar ) to the masses.





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