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Tell me mur about urself-for Haysmart and all others who are curious to know more

17 Sep

I was born in Australia 54 years ago ,the eldest of 8 children and possibly the loudest, bossiest and strangest. I was a child who loved communicating and adored reading from a very young age.Mum tells me I had a difficult life and perhaps she was right but upbringing plays a huge role in forming our characters but i do not believe it justifies bad behaviour. Certainly I was punished  a lot when young, in particular for looking around in church.I was simply admiring the statues  and the architecture of the best building in the area but this was perceived as a very bad action.Later I learnt to argue and shout and really   must have been difficult to live with.However, this ability stood me in good stead in later years in situations where I had to stand up for myself against unfair accusations and very nasty people.

During my  primary school years I enjoyed academic success and even then I found myself sat next to boys with learning di fficulties or behaviour problems so I guess ny teaching career started back then even though i told everyone i wanted to be a journalist.This was not approved of at home even though the newspaper and the news on the radio were the centre of family life.

We did not have a tv when I was young.Nor did  we have a telephone.My parents did not see the need for them We did not have a lot but we had enough and while i didn’t always like the clothes the neighbours passed on to us ,it did give me  a determination to work and get my own money as soon as possible .

 Sadly this opportunity is not available to teenagers today and iI am glad iI am not trying to start a career nowadays



Getting used to living dangerously

16 Sep

I am now onto my third football season since everything fell apart in my life..

A lot is being rearranged as we speak-housing, marital status and the like  all from my own efforts and I am getting used to the rollercoaster ride of medication being increased or decreased with resultant mood swings,increase in size or feeling ill. Facing an uncertain future is a phrase I have said and heard a lot lately and it does sound frightening.  But it shouldn’t really .We all face an uncertain future. We all want security and look for it in any way we can=card reading ,astrology, fortune telling  all work on this need to know.

I do believe we are living in a time of great change, of rejection of what is not working and so we will feel uncertainty. what to do??

 Just like my football team-plan a strategy and keep trying but be flexible to make changes if necessary



A Year of Learning Dangerously

26 Jun

Brother number 5 has set me up with my very own website and informed me I  must become a writer before nightfall. And he calls me bossy. However, after some thought lasting a few milliseconds (we Geminis think and react quickly) I thought why not what else have I got to do with my current situation of enforced idleness.

So here I am sitting at the laptop in front of a copy of Lepage’s painting “The Potato Gatherers” in the gathering gloom trying to put order to thoughts to tell. Read the rest of this entry »


Merry Christmas

18 Dec

Hey Kath,

I thought it was about time you started your own news desk.
So, here’s your very own website so you can shout ( with perfect spelling and grammar ) to the masses.





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