Academy Awards -where’s my Oscar ?

02 Mar

Sitting here on a windy morning, my thoughts are on tonight’s Oscars. Who will win best film , best actor, best of the best ?

For a while we are encouraged to care about films we haven’t even seen. My own personal favourite is Dallas Buyers’ Club.

It’s the only one I’ve seen and the only one whose story appealed to me. Ron , Rayon ,the doctors all had something to say.

The fact that it was a film that struggled to be made makes it even more likeable, a kind if proof that everything good

happens at the right moment.

The thought that everything happens at the appointed time is certainly not new but it is one that I am learning to accept as

a guide for my own life which is moving through the land of don’t know. Maybe I will never have a clear vision in more

ways than one but I must keep moving forward.

And act as if I am strong and in control. I have been able to do that for a very long time .

An Oscar worthy performance.

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