A year of living dangerously

02 Oct

Africa needs you.

Life spent exploring the medical field continues at a cracking pace as I learnt at my last appointment that the back of my good eye is still swollen.This explained the renewed need to use a magnifying glass and the sense of  rising frustration accompanied by the words-oh no .it’s coming back, !!

Anyway the consultant was having none of it.She said I had to have another injection in my face. This time it hurt less but she ordered me to rest more as facebook chatters have been told.

More anti inflammatory infusions have also been ordered so whole afternoons will be whiled away at the hospital.Doctors are certainly doing their  darndest for me.

In the meantime,. I have been honing my football pundit skills and my jam making skills.As a result I daily acquire more facebok friends and have a shelf of jars of jam.What has come as a surprise is the number of people who regard my writings as inspirational.Today I received the accolade of Africa needs you and find the responsibility of such words far more daunting than the up coming eye treatment.

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