A year of living dangerously-one door closes a lot more open

04 Sep

It’s been a while… Looking back to the dim days of finding myself in a weird world of being unable to see and depending on people much more than I would like., I realise  that life is really much better now.

First of all, I am assured that the drug that caused the ongoing eyesight problem is a proven cancer drug now available in several countries. It affords me protection against malignant melonoma which I had operations for and did not want coming back.I have ararw allergy that triggered such an extrene reaction

Secondly  I have managed to escape from the rat race-rushing to work ,feeling anxious about performance  judged by box tickers and trying to please unpleasant people. This is not to say that I am idle.The neighbourhood Ilive in offers ample opportunity for helping method is simple-recognise and respect.As a result I greet everyone I pass in the road or in the park.What a difference it has made to some of them. And I have been helped by talking to them and listening to their stories and offering advice..

My other discovery is an amazing group of people on facebook.Again the same formula applies-recognise and a result Iam the winner as I am never alone even during the long days when  Ineed to be home alone.

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