A short letter I sent today

13 May

Hello. I hope you are well.As I know you are very busy I decided to write an update on my new desk that I made today. I found an old wardrobe door left outside , brought it upstairs with neighbourly help ,washed it down with soap and hot water as I do for all shopping that comes in.Then placed it on 2 large heavy boxes by the window.It is now set up near my window, so much better than a balancing a lap top on an armchair.And I have a Rear Window-like view of the action in the close.

In the last week, I have been out for the first time in weeks- to the pharmacy for medicine and masks and to grocery shop. How fresh and clean the neighbourhood looks and many wearing masks, most social distancing.
Meanwhile ,neighbours continue to leave food for me outside my door and offer any assistance
I have also done an interview on Voice Islam Radio breakfast show about the excellent online Virtual Iftar series that the Ahmadiyya have been running online that I have attended . Each session deals with aspects of Ramadan and being a Muslim .That was early last Monday morning.

I also made a short film to put on You tube for my sister’s birthday as I was unable to send a present. I hadn’t used good old Film Maker in a while.

On the estate, things seem quite calm.Am in touch with many neighbours. Some of whom are really quite stressed, mostly by the uncertainty.
Personally, I think it is much too early to come out except for essentials.

My health has amazingly been quite good but let’s keep it that way
Last night , I attended a zoom webinar on Coronavirus and Africa and will be attending one later on Facing Mortality. Global Net 21 has been presenting some marvellous topics with great speakers and I look forward to each webinar as I enjoy learning.
Have a good afternoon.

start at 13.43 for the interview.

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